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Machine Edition OS Compatibility Matrix

Machine Edition OS Compatibility Matrix

 Windows 2000Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8 / 8.1Windows 10
ME 5.50YesYesNoNoNoNo
ME 5.60YesYesNoNoNoNo
ME 5.70YesYesNoNoNoNo
ME 5.80YesYesYesNoNoNo
ME 5.90YesYesYesNoNoNo
ME 6.00YesYesYesNoNoNo
ME 6.50YesYesYesYesNoNo
ME 7.00YesYesYesYesNoNo
ME 7.50NoYesNoYesNoNo
ME 8.00NoYesNoYesNoNo
ME 8.50NoNoNoYesYesNo
ME 8.60NoNoNoYesYesNo
ME 9.00NoNoNoYesYesNo
ME 9.50NoNoNoYesYesYes
ME 9.70NoNoNoYesYesYes
ME 9.80NoNoNoYesYesYes


YES - OS Fully Supported
YES - OS Supported with some conditions applied , please download and review the system requirement document attached

*NOTE - All of the OS Support listed above required the latest Machine Edition SIM update installed. To Obtain the latest available Machine Edition update , please visit the link below:

Machine Edition - Latest available updates (All Versions)