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PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314

System description, module specifications and installation instructions for IC695xxxxxx PACSystems RX3i products.

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  • GFK-2314Z_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 9/24/2021

    GFK-2314Z: Updates have been made for IC694ALG442, IC694ALG542 module specifications and behavior.

  • GFK-2314Y_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 5/28/2021

    GFK-2314Y: Updates regarding the number of supported PROFINET devices for the CPL410.

  • GFK-2314X_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 4/15/2021

    • Added notes for marine Type Approval compliance in Section 2.3, Enclosures. • Updated ALG808 table values in Section 4.2, Module Load Requirements • Updated the IC695PSAx40 power output budget in Section

  • GFK-2314W_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 12/20/2020

    • Note 52 and Note 57 for the specification of ALG223 & ALG233 modules respectively in the presence of conducted RF interference are corrected for the accuracy (+/-0.5% changed to +/- 1%). • Corrected information regarding Analog input modules ALG222, ALG223,ALG232 and ALG233