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RSTi-EP User Manual (GFK-2958)

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  • GFK-2958L RSTi-EP User Manual.pdf

    Posted: 5/24/2021

    GFK-2958L - Added Appendix D: Product Certifications and Installation Guidelines for Conformance. Added Section 4.2.7 RSTi-EP PROFINET Channel Diagnostic Alarm Reporting. Updated Section 4.4 to correct address ranges for the EPXMBE001. Included various errata notes from SFDC.

  • GFK-2958K_RSTi-EP User Manual.pdf

    Posted: 3/26/2020

    GFK-2958K_RSTi-EP User Manual: Added to support EPXEIP001,EP-5324,EP-1813

  • GFK-2958J_RSTi-EP User Manual.pdf

    Posted: 10/22/2019

    GFK-2958J_RSTi-EP User Manual: EMERSON & Updated to support EP-153F & EP-291F new discrete IO modules.