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PACSystems RX3i IC695CPx4xx - 1.2GHz 64MB Rackless CPU IPI (GFK-3003)

Important Product Information (IPI) for:
  • IC695CPE400: 1.2GHz 64MB Rackless CPU w/ Field Agent
  • IC695CPL410: 1.2GHz 64MB Rackless CPU w/ Linux
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  • GFK-3003T_CPE400_CPL410_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 5/28/2021

    GFK-3003T: Firmware Release 10.15 adds support for up to 64 (simplex) or 32 (Hot Standby Redundancy) PROFINET I/O devices. Sequence of Events with Five IC695PNS101 Advanced PROFINET Scanners: The IC695CPE400 and IC695CPL410 now support Sequence of Events recording with up to five IC695PNS101 modules, providing up to 640 SoE input points.

  • GFK-3003R_CPE400_CPL410_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 1/29/2021

    GFK-3003R - adds Sequence of Events recording with IRIGB time synchronization through the CPU’s Embedded PROFINET Controller when used with up to four IC695PNS101 Advanced PROFINET Scanner modules and a pair of dedicated C program blocks designed to configure and collect SoE records and provide diagnostic.This release also adds support for OPC UA Non-Transparent Server Redundancy, adds OPC UA Server Logging, enhances OPC UA Server Performance

  • GFK-3003Q_CPE400_CPL410_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 6/30/2020

    GFK-3003Q - Firmware Release 10.05 adds support for the Secure Remote STOP-HALT Restart Mechanism and Network and Memory Performance Monitoring Tool. This release also resolves the issues found in the RX3i PLC: Problems Resolved in Current Release section.

  • GFK-3003N_CPE400_CPL410_IPI

    Posted: 5/2/2020

    IC695CPE400-ACAQ , Firmware Version 9.99

    IC695CPL410-ABAH , Firmware Version 9.99


    Posted: 5/2/2020

    IC695CPE400-ACAP - Firmware Version 9.97

    IC695CPL410-ABAG - Firmware Version 9.97