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PACSystems Quick Start Guide for IC695CPL410 (GFK-3053)

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  • GFK-3053F_IC695CPL410_QSG_web.pdf

    Posted: 5/28/2021

    GFK-3053F: Firmware Release 10.15 increases CPL410's support for up to 64 (simplex) or 32 (Hot Standby Redundancy) PROFINET I/O devices. Sequence of Events with Five IC695PNS101 Advanced PROFINET Scanners The IC695CPL410 now support Sequence of Events recording with up to five IC695PNS101 modules, providing up to 640 SoE input points.

  • GFK-3053E_IC695CPL410_QSG_Web.pdf

    Posted: 1/29/2021

    GFK-3053E: Updated to include Sequenceof Events recording through the Embedded PROFINET Controller and OPC UA Non-Transparent Server Redundancy

  • GFK-3053D_IC695CPL410_QSG.pdf

    Posted: 7/14/2020

    GFK-3053D - Field Agent is now PACEdge