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PACSystems CPU Programmer's Reference Manual (GFK-2950)

Programming Languages Instruction Sets & Syntax for PACSystems PLCs, Service Request Function, PID Function and PLC Diagnostics.

GFK-2222U Chapters 5-11 & Chapter 14 form the content of this new manual. These Chapters are removed from GFK-2222V and later.

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  • GFK-2950G - PACS_CPU_ProgRefManual.pdf

    Posted: 6/29/2020

    GFK-2950: -Updates to Section 4.2.3 Bit Sequencer -Updates to Section 6.9, SVC_REQ 8: Reset Watchdog Timer -Updates to Section 6.33.2, Write Frequency - Secure Remote STOP-Halt Restart Mechanism.

  • GFK-2950F_PACS_CPU_ProgRefManual.pdf

    Posted: 2/24/2020

    - Updated the %S reference table, Section 3.8.1.

  • GFK-2950E.pdf

    Posted: 1/29/2020

    Following Emerson’s acquisition of this product, changes have been made to apply appropriate branding and registration of the product with required certification agencies. No changes to material, process, form, fit or functionality.